Why tea is better than coffee

I was chatting with my friend about the available drinks commonly sold in the city cafes. She mentioned of coffee and tea. She is a heavy coffee drinker. However, her boyfriend is a more of a tea guy. It was a debate, of what is better; tea or coffee? We categorized the goodness of the drinks regarding healthy advantage and personal preference. We thought this could be a virtuous option. Vividly, it is a good query because every day there is news regarding health benefits linked to either of the beverages. Being a tea drinker, I had to argue and support my statements why tea is better than coffee. Walk with and see why I say it better.

Tea is a fantastic beverage for hydrating the body-nutritionists say that coffee can offer a similar advantage. However, body hydration process is best done by tea. Tea has an additional benefit of being pure water. The water contains little substances of tea flavor. This means that during a scorching day it more beneficial to take some hot or cold tea to replenish your fluids lost through excretion processes like sweating.

Tea reduce some types of cancer-upon study, tea has health benefit of reducing cases of cancer and tumor attack. Currently, as you all know, the treatment of cancer is expensive. You need to prevent yourselves from instances of cancer attack by taking tea often. I consider it, especially when going out with my wife.

Tea keeps you going for long-despite the claims that tea contains less caffeine than coffee. I want to inform you that tea has the same amount of coffee if served the same amount. Since both drinks are stimulants, tea has a lower depressing effect as compared to the coffee. It reduces your energy levels. If you want something to keep you moving all day through tea is the best.

It is easier to make tea than coffee- a churlish comment probably but one worth noting; these days it is easier to brew tea than coffee. Compare this: placing a teabag in a cup of hot water and boiling coffee in a heating kettle and mixing beverages. It’s much faster to set up a tea drink for your guests than if you chose coffee. You need to plonk a piece of the tea bag into a hot water mug, and you get instant relief.

Tea contains more antioxidants than coffee-nutritionists argue that antioxidants are good for keeping your body looking fantastic. As a result, many firms have jumped aboard the bandwagon to stick antioxidants into consumable products. In few words antioxidants make you look great and feeling of freshness, Tea has an abundance of them.

Tea is good for strong teeth- that is when compared to coffee. Take much tea and get much fluoride relevant to your strong teeth. Discoloration and unwarranted side effects are away from you when you chose tea than when you take coffee.

Tea can assist you to shed some weight-green tea provide help to the overweight people. Green tea assists to initiate your metabolism. You cannot add many substances to the tea to increase calories content. This is a better advantage as compared to coffee.

15 Different Types of Tea Around the World

You cant buy happiness but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing! A cup of tea makes everything better.Everyone all around the globe loves tea and have their own unique way of preparing it here are some types of tea: