Food Dehydrator vs. Oven – Which Is Better?

There are two main methods of drying foods; food dehydrators and ovens dehydration methods. Once the food is dried from moisture, it can be preserved for more than one year. People dry their foods for various reasons such as convenience, health, and taste. When it comes to drying food for future use, one has to make sure that all the moisture is removed and the food nutrients remain. Food dehydrators have been the commonly used method of drying foods compared to ovens for many years. If you are torn between using a food dehydrator and an oven, you should note that a food dehydrator is a better choice. Read on to find out why a food dehydrator is better than an oven for food preservation.

  1. Retention of nutrients in the foods

When using a food dehydrator, none of the nutrients in the food is lost. It ensures that the temperatures are not too hot for the nutrients. When drying food using an oven, the temperatures are quite high and kill the nutrients found in the food. Drying food items in an oven is similar to cooking the food which removes the vitamins and minerals that are needed in our bodies. Therefore with a food dehydrator, you enjoy the health benefits of the food while in ovens you do not.

  1. Supervision required

When drying your foods using a home depot food dehydrator, there is minimal supervision required. All you require to do is to set the temperatures for removing the moisture and the time it should take before it stops. With an oven, you will need to be there supervising the whole process to make sure that the temperatures are not too high for the foods. With food dehydrators, the airflow is evenly distributed around the food for drying, but an oven does not circulate the air evenly. It may cause some foods to fail to dry enough which can make them go bad easily.

  1. Expenses

Ovens are expensive to use as they consume a lot of energy when drying food for long hours. Once you start using an oven, you will notice an increase in your energy bills. For food dehydrators, they are energy efficient. They do not use much energy, and there will be no much difference with your previous energy bills. Therefore food dehydrators are a good way of drying your foods at a cheaper cost.

When it comes to buying, the costs involved are different. Good quality ovens are very expensive. On the other hand, the prices of food dehydrators are low, and they come with a lot of benefits compared to ovens. If you have a low budget, you should use a food dehydrator.

  1. Capacity

Food dehydrators will allow one to dry different foods at the same time. Some of the foods that can be dried together in a food dehydrator include meat, fruits spices, herbs, nuts, and vegetables. They come with over ten trays for placing the foods to dry. The food items will be dried evenly and efficiently. When drying your foods using an oven, you will be required to dry each food at a time. Most ovens contain up to 3 trays for placing the food. You should not put different food items in one tray as the flavors can mix.

  1. User-friendliness

Food dehydrators are easy to use than ovens. The food dehydrators will come with temperature control features. When drying, you will be required to set the temperatures you want, and you can leave your food for drying. An oven is quite difficult to use if you are a beginner. You will be required to adjust the temperatures after some time and also check the foods regularly to determine if all the moisture has been removed.

For a healthy, effective and easy food dehydration method, you should go for a food dehydrator. As stated above, a food dehydrator can dry your food without removing nutrients, it does not require supervision, you can dry different foods at the same time, and they save costs. Once you dry your foods with a food dehydrator, they can last for years without going bad. If you don’t have a food dehydrator in your kitchen today, make sure you get one and enjoy the benefits.