Losing Weight and Drinking Tea

There are so many types of tea that promote weight loss. One does not need to necessarily run to the doctor for diet pills. These pills can have terrible side effects and this is why doctors do not readily prescribe them. Take a gander down the gourmet loose leaf tea shops’ isles or even go the grocery store. People can lose all the weight they need on these healthy regimens coupled with a reduction in calories and increase in exercise. The following are the star teas for losing weight:


  1. Green Tea


Eastern cultures that have consumed this tea for centuries tend to have lower BMI’s. This might also be though because the countries were agrarian by nature and people either grew their own food or walked long distances to town markets.


However, have no fear because this tea contains catechins that melt away fat. The specific catechin is EGCG and it is a powerful metabolism booster. There is research that this tea is best when taken while exercising to maximize the fat burning effects.


  1. Valerian Tea


This tea has a name that sounds familiar for a reason. It is called nature’s Valium by companies such as David’s Tea because it induces sleep and promotes extreme relaxation. People may wonder how sleep factors in to weight loss. Well, when one has enough sleep, the body releases fat burning hormones. So if a person is feeling sluggish all day, these hormones might not be in effect. That is because the body needs more sleep in order to burn fat.


  1. Oolong Tea


This tea has been popular in Japanese culture for a while, and has been making a strong appearance in the West. This is because this tea actually prevents fat absorption. It does this through antioxidants that work to prevent the body’s fat absorption by up to 20 per cent. Any crusading dieter will drink to that!


  1. Mint Tea


Most people have a package of mint tea in their cupboards, and some even grow it in their gardens to dry for tea. The magic of this one is in the scent. This tea’s scent can help to ward off hunger. In a study conducted by the Journal of Neurological and Orthopaedic Medicine, participants in their study who just sniffed mint tea lost an average of five pounds per month. This is a powerful tea to have in one’s arsenal during the three o’clock dip.


  1. Hibiscus Tea


This red tea has quite a bitter taste and is enjoyed by those who like unique flavors. It also contains flavonoids that fight stomach bloating. If a person feels regularly inflated, then hibiscus is a miracle worker. It is also good for women around that time of the month in conjunction with pain killers.


  1. Rooibos Tea


Rooibos tea is a beloved substitute for black tea in the evenings as it has a similar flavor but without the often unwanted caffeine. It is derived from a red bush, literally, that grows in the Cederberg region of South Africa. This tea has chemicals that help in fat metabolism. In addition, this tea also contains the flavonoid Aspalathin that helps with belly fat. This tea is just an all around super star as other polyphenols and flavonoids help prevent fat cells from forming. Not bad for an enjoyable caffeine substitute.


  1. Lemon Tea


Lemon tea sounds like something grandma always had in her tea cabinet. But people drink lemon tea for good reason. The d-limonene is a diuretic, like coffee, and can help to get rid of that water retention. It is perfect after a salty food binge.


  1. White Tea


This is a popular and more expensive cousin to green tea. It can prevent fat cells from forming and help the body to break down fat and use it for energy. Some people even recommend drinking white tea with every meal.


  1. Black Tea


All the British people know what they are doing, however, adding milk is not an option to benefit from the good effects. The tea helps with cardiovascular function. And it is recommended to drink more during the day to get the best benefits.


While this article is not a comprehensive list, many of the most popular teas are listed. It is good for tea aficionados to know that their daily cups are not at all a vice, but a virtue. And dieters can take solace in the fact that these powerful drinks will help them with their weight loss campaigns.