How tea helps in weight loss

There are a number of scientific studies published that have indicated that drinking tea, more specifically; green tea can play a role in helping someone lose weight. For instance, these studies indicate that most tea lovers lose pounds of weight in a shorter time compared to their counterparts who abstain from drinking tea. This, therefore, shows that besides going to the gym to cut weight, investing in a kettle of tea can also yield similar results as the gym. However, just drinking tea may not result in weight loss as desired unless you observe a few other aspects relevant to tea consumption and weight loss.

Here are a few of the small issues you need to know that can help your tea drinking result in weight loss.

When settling on the type of tea to consume, always consider its effectiveness to weight loss as well as your personal tea preference.

When it comes to weight loss in relation to tea drinking, it’s important to note that some types of tea are more effective than others. For instance, white, green, or oolong teas are highly effective in weight loss followed closely by black tea, then herbal or decaf tea. On the other hand, diet tea or sweet tea are harmful and lead to the accumulation of more weight. Besides, you also need to choose a tea that is enjoyable to you.

Drinking tea should be a routine to you

For you to realize the benefits of tea (weight loss to be specific), you need to make your tea drinking a routine; you need a daily dose of a cup of tea at specified times. You can choose tea in place of morning coffee or soya drink.

Desist from adding something (milk/sugar) to your drink

Most weight loss benefits of tea are realized when you drink plain tea. Sugar and milk are known to negate weight loss benefits leading to massive accumulation of weight.

Drink tea as a way of fighting your craving for food

Most people gain weight as a result of unhealthy eating habits. However, for a cup of plain tea, you can shut any temptation to eat sweet or junk foods. Let tea act as your shield against unplanned eating habits. Unplanned eating has been attributed to the increasing cases of weight gain.

Balance tea drinking habits with your health needs

As much as tea has been hailed to help many people lose weight, it may not be your thing. What this means is that, not everyone that drinks tea experiences similar weight loss results. Therefore, when drinking tea for weight loss, you need to put in place a mechanism to evaluate your progress. If you experience no signs of weight loss after a considerable amount of time of drinking tea, you’ll need to stop it and evaluate the reasons for its failure. Avoid pumping too much tea into your body if there are no reasonable results.

One of the problems that could be causing your failure to lose weight after consuming tea may be consumption of processed food. Decide to go wholly go for healthy options like cutting on processed foods and rather adopting whole grains, veggies, fruits and low-fat dairy products.

Treat yourself at times

Even though your main goal is to lose weight through tea drinking, occasional treats may be necessary. You can add healthy sweeteners to your tea like honey to protect your test buds against the boredom of using these teas. It’s important to note that this will go against your goal, but it is necessary for the sustenance of your weight loss journey through this tea method.

Explore different tea flavors

A number of experts have indicated that different tea flavors have different weight loss capabilities. As such it’s important for you to sample a number of tea flavors and choose one that best fits your weight needs. Some of the major flavors that users claim to possess the weight loss capabilities include; the Star anise tea which works for weight loss by promoting digestion as well as soothing stomach upsets. We also have Peppermint tea which also promotes digestion and also controls your appetite. Rose tea is also known to prevent constipation. It also supplies huge amounts of vitamins to the body.

In conclusion, tea is an important tool that can help you lose weight. However, you need to be mindful of your tea consumption habits and the results you attain. Also, to stay true to your weight loss goal, you need to prepare the tea yourself; this is because most commercial tea brands or flavors have lots of sugar added to them. Besides tea helping you to lose weight, you also need to be all round in matters weight loss; tea alone cannot help you lose a substantial amount of weight without incorporating other health habits.