Tea Versus Green Tea

Both the regular black tea and the green tea are a favorite drink to tea lovers across the globe. But what the drinkers probably don’t know is that the two types of tea have some discernible differences other than the appearance. The two groups of tea are different in terms of caffeine content, fluoride content, cardiovascular benefits, cancer prevention capabilities and then, of course, the taste. These differences are as a result of the processes the two varieties of teas undergo before they get into your cup. For instance, black tea undergoes a fermentation process that leads to oxidation of most its content. Here is the comparison between tea and green tea.

The amount of caffeine

Green tea contains just 1/4 of caffeine compared to that found in black tea. Caffeine is nice is some aspects. It improves your mental alertness, can make you more productive and is known to aid in weight loss. But it can as well keep you up the whole night and make you anxious. If your goal is to have more caffeine in your system then the regular black tea is the best choice but if you are trying to cut down on caffeine consumption, consider taking green tea.

Cancer-fighting benefits

Green tea has more health benefits compared to the regular black tea. This has to do with Catechins (a group of flavonols). Green tea contains more flavanols than black tea. But how does Catechins contribute to your general well being? A study conducted in 2013 by Toxicology & Applied Pharmacology journal established that epigallocatechin (EGCG) – a type of Catechin – can regulate gene activity taking place in tumor cells and can help control the malignancy of cancerous cells. It was also found that EGCG promotes the death of cancer cells. This study indicates that green tea is a recommendable remedy for fighting the spread of cancerous cells in the body.

Fluoride content

Fluoride is important in supporting healthy bones and teeth. Due to the fermentation process, the regular black tea undergoes, it has been found to contain a higher amount of fluoride compared to green tea. A cup of black tea contains between 0.2mg and 0.5mg of fluoride while a cup of green tea contains 0.3mg to 0.4mg of fluoride. This makes black tea an essential source of fluoride than green tea. Much as the amount of fluoride varies between the two types of tea, the water you use to make the tea also matters. For instance, tap water boosts the amount of fluoride in your tea. That is why a cup of black tea brewed using tap water can be found to have as high as 9mg of fluoride.

Cardiovascular benefits

Both black tea and green tea are good for your heart but the green tea is a little better. This is because of the aforementioned EGCG. Apparently, EGCG interacts with the cell linings of the blood vessels thus promoting autophagy. Autophagy is a physiological process that serves to protect your cells from stress. Green tea also cuts the amount of cholesterol in your blood vessels reducing the likelihood of heart diseases.

The taste and flavor

Medical benefits aside, these two tea groups are as distinct as thorns and lilies when it comes to flavor. The fermentation process incorporates a rich aroma in black tea making it taste great in the mouth and can be beneficial for your oral health. The great flavor might be as well be the reason why black tea is a more popular than green tea. According to the American Tea Association (Not the tea party) – A dedicated league of tea purists who oversee the tea drinking trends in America – over 80% of the tea drank in the U.S is black tea. This doesn’t mean green tea is inferior but it has majorly remained to be a choice for people who have something to heal in their bodies.


Only the oxidation process that alters the black tea is responsible for the big difference between the black tea and green tea. Your choice for either tea will depend heavily on your preferences. Some companies add some fruit flavors to each of the two groups of tea to improve the appeal. In health terms, green is better compared to the black tea. But black tea has its benefits as well that can’t be found in green tea.